We use the latest technology to manage warehouses, so you can get a jump on the competition. mySTOCK® WMS can connect mobile terminals from Honeywell or Zebra, or free up warehouse workers’ hands through voice control and ProGlove smart gloves. We can also set up a fully automated warehouse using robots.






The warehouse is the heart of a company and a critical area for gaining a competitive advantage. All the demands placed on them mean warehouses are typically under great pressure. If it is not possible to fully automate a warehouse and goods must be picked manually without handling equipment, voice control can save a great deal of time. It is important to reduce errors and pick goods faster. We know from experience that productivity will increase by more than 30 %. You can turn even average warehouse workers into a reliable team with a certain degree of automation and the right tools.


The system speaks the worker’s language

The worker can create their own commands

Noisy workplaces are no problem

Greater occupational safety since hands are freed up

Quality hardware partners in Honeywell and Zebra


The worker tasked with handling or picking goods in the warehouse receives voice commands through their headphones. Just like when working with a mobile PDA, the voice control system gives instructions on what to do with a given item. Yet it offers advantages over a PDA such as freeing up workers’ hands and eyes, as they no longer need to waste time handling the PDA and watching the display. So they are faster and make fewer mistakes. Communication works both ways, with the system giving the warehouse worker instructions and the worker also controlling the application by voice – confirming task completion. Commands and responses are entered using short phrases. A worker can create their own system profile in just a few minutes, and can also personalize commands to make them as natural as possible. A motivated warehouse worker expects the system to understand them, so it is important to pay particular attention to operations where increased noise might hamper this understanding. Such factors are not a hindrance for us when processing voice instructions.


We have partnered with Honeywell, a market leader in the sector, for voice control technology. We equip warehouse workers with special wireless voice terminals. Honeywell terminals come as a headset with earpieces and a microphone. They are designed to meet ergonomic requirements and can be used comfortably throughout a shift. It is also possible to choose a variant that combines pure voice control with the use of PDAs. Depending on the nature of a particular job, warehouse workers can use a talkman and headphones for part of the shift and, when needed, pull out a PDA to get what they need. 

As a client, you can choose how you want to manage your warehouse, either by exclusively using voice control, using PDAs, or a combination of both. It all depends on the specific needs of the warehouse and the expected performance.


We work with numerous hands-free equipment manufacturers. These are systems from comprehensive suppliers such as Honeywell and ZEBRA Technologies, as well as specialists like ProGlove, which supplies intelligent gloves.
These tools make it easier to handle PDAs and scanners whenever a worker needs two hands. Finger- or hand-activated mobile scanners can shorten working time by up to 40 % compared to regular scanners. For example, gloves are an ideal choice for warehouse applications, pallet operations and packing. They significantly improve the efficiency of the entire process as they allow warehouse workers to work faster and safer, and the whole process is simpler. Work is facilitated by both acoustic signals and vibrations without the need to look at a PDA or monitor.
In addition, compared to standard PDA devices, bar code readers connected via BT technology offer an extended scanning range of up to 150 cm. And the handling? Workers can deploy the device with a single movement, and then simply bring their thumb and forefinger together to scan. You can choose right- or left-handed readers and different sized readers to suit men and women.


Another proven technology for paperless order processing is pick to light. The relevant shelves and positions light up based on commands from the information system. This method works both for dispensing goods and, conversely, returning goods to shelves. Workers do not require as much training because the light system operates reliably and intuitively. Pick to light technology brings a whole new level of efficiency and speed to your warehouse. The system can be deployed to either an entire warehouse or just one picking area. Orders are fulfilled at a picking point/table, where a warehouse worker arranges pallets with goods to fill currently open orders. The system tells the workers what goods to get and where to reach for them on the pallet. A picking table will also tell workers which box products belong in, when certain products are missing and when the order is completed, i.e. ready for shipping.


Managing automated warehouses

We can optimize the use of vertical storage space, with position indicators and signal lights facilitating orientation. Warehouse workers are more efficient when operating multiple Kardex machines at once. Stackers are controlled online.

Large-screen displays

All processes can be clearly displayed on large screens located in the warehouse, helping increase warehouse management efficiency. The outputs can be easily used to efficiently reorganize and optimally distribute stock. Above the display you can also run any view or enter countless commands to find hidden relations that would not be obvious from a mere table, allowing you to keep track of the workloads of individual workplaces.