Milan Mathauser, K+B Progres

IT and Logistic Director

“There is enormous pressure to ship goods quickly today. People expect to order something one day and receive it the next. We wanted our dispatchers to have a real-time overview of what was happening in the warehouses so that they could effectively and quickly task warehouse workers. We also wanted to optimize goods storage in terms of quantity and location with respect to their turnaround. We were able to prepare and deploy the new WMS exceptionally well, and it only took us a few days. Nobody in the company even noticed that a new system was running in the warehouse.”

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Raul Stuchlík, MARLENKA


“We deployed the KVADOS mySTOCK® WMS solution at the end of 2017 while operating at full capacity. The original system was switched to WMS overnight and has been working ever since. I consider this a fantastic result that could only be pulled off by professionals. Our company’s team also takes some credit for the success. Both sides worked well together, which is evident in the result. mySTOCK® WMS currently runs three shipping warehouses and we are testing deployment in the production plants for raw materials, semi-finished goods and packaging.”

Learn more about the project by reading the case study or watching the video!

Petr Mitura, DÉMOS TRADE

Member of the Board of Directors

“We have worked with KVADOS for quite a long time—we know each other and have grown together. KVADOS support for our projects is very well targeted and covers our needs. In the warehouse, we use the mySTOCK® WMS solution, which needed to be adapted to new conditions because we decided to carry out a major reconstruction of the old warehouse. For example, the shipping line picking method was changed, and the number of stations for assembling, inspecting and packing shipments was increased. There are also more shipping stations, and the large-screen displays located throughout the hall are also new. ”

Stanislav Vodička ml., QANTO

“One enormous benefit is undoubtedly the working environment of our employees. It’s like night and day compared to the old warehouse, and the amount of manual labour has decreased significantly. It’s been six months now since we’ve needed to hire anyone, even though people keep applying. We’ve achieved thirty percent savings thanks to the accuracy of picking, while in a managed warehouse it is much easier to find discrepancies in the event of claims. With addressed goods storage, we can find out whether a particular claim is justified or not in just a few minutes and without going through the entire inventory. We just go to the particular position. I also appreciate the fact that some KVADOS IT specialists are able to look at particular software functions through the eyes of a customer because the business perspective is primary for us.”


The mySTOCK® WMS solution was integrated into the primary MAX + ERP system in the production plant using a powerful two-way online interface implemented in cooperation with S&T CZ.

mySTOCK® WMS supports all warehousing operations from storing material, transferring it to production, to identifying finished products and dispatching them. The project not only included the delivery and implementation of the mySTOCK® WMS solution, but also the delivery of mobile PDAs, bar code printers using the ZEBRA platform, and Wi-Fi network components.


The company announced a tender for a WMS solution and KVADOS responded by preparing an analytical study to determine the client’s needs. We began our cooperation in June 2017. In addition to basic warehouse processes like receiving, shipping and inventory, we also manage Kardex machines. Due of the dust levels in the warehouses, we customized the mySTOCK® WMS mobile client to enable touchless operation by warehouse workers.
We have a shared vision for the second phase of the project, which is to build a new warehouse for the client.