Warehouse robotics
and automation

Is your warehouse facing a lack of quality employees and pressure to increase efficiency? The answer to these problems may be industrial automation and logistics using robots. Whether this means autonomous pallet stackers or robots that complete pallets for end customers, we can replace warehouse workers with handling robots and robotic arms that complete orders, and load or unload pallets when goods enter the warehouse. This reduces the workload and the number of physical operators and significantly increases the performance and speed of warehouse operations.


We will introduce automation and robotics to your warehouse. We will conduct an initial analysis of warehouse operations data and propose a solution, designing the most suitable type of automation or robotics, and presenting an initial investment calculation and the return on this investment. Following project approval, we are ready to provide comprehensive delivery, including coordination for any reconstruction or modification of your warehouse. We deliver and install everything, from start to finish. Along with the robots, you will get a comprehensive system for handling goods for shelf and warehouse systems. Automation means you can reduce the number of employees while ensuring at least the same level of performance, or much greater if needed. Shorten the duration of warehouse operations and reduce errors.



Come take a look at the technology in action for yourself. We are a founding member of the Association for Innovation in Logistics and help operate a showroom with our technology partner and centre operator DEXTRUM Fulfillment. This makes it possible for you to view—in a single place—all the latest technology that can be deployed in your warehouse.

The showroom is located in the logistics centre in Paskov near Ostrava. If you would like to take a tour, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our automation and robotics solutions are supplied as part of myFABER. We will be glad to prepare an offer for your warehouse.