22. Jun, 2021 | English, Nezařazené

After working together for more than a year, we have decided to acquire Bettaroe Robotics, originally owned by Mr René Horejsek. The company has acquired a 100% share in Bettaroe Robotics through the KVADOS GROUP


We are a major supplier of warehouse management solutions and mySTOCK® WMS makes us a leader in managing logistics and production operations. In recent years, we have also focused on solutions based around logistics automation and robotics. Thanks to our acquisition of Bettaroe Robotics we are strengthening our position in the delivery of comprehensive robotic solutions and robotics technology for logistics. At the same time, we get a distribution network for the whole of the European Union for the import of AGV autonomous forklifts and for solutions focused on handling crates and cartons supplied by HAI Robotics.

Bettaroe Robotics will remain an independent company in the KVADOS Group and along with another subsidiary, KVADOS Robotics, will develop the distribution portfolio and the robotics solutions and technology offered, including deliveries of robots for GS Robotics facilities, security applications or to represent Cubiscan. Cooperation will also continue with Bettaroe Robotics CEO Tomáš Kochaníček, who is among the leading robotics experts in the Czech Republic. Tomáš Kochaníček has become part of the KVADOS Group senior management team. Now that it has joined KVADOS, Bettaroe Robotics gains the backing of a major software producer and integrator of comprehensive logistics solutions. The construction of its own robotics testing centre will offer unique conditions for research, development and presentation.