22. Jun, 2021 | English, Nezařazené

Together with automation and robotics, the driving force in logistics today is increased efficiency. Yet how can we improve the work of people in warehouses where manual work cannot be avoided? When handling PDA devices and readers, warehouse workers typically need two hands. An intelligent scanning glove can reduce scanning time by up to 40% compared to conventional scanners.


This is why we have joined forces with the German ProGlove, which marketed this invention. They develop state-of-the-art industrial products designed for Industry 4.0. This company’s intelligent solutions are used by renowned organizations all over the world in production, logistics, storage and trade.

It is difficult to use classic scanners in certain situations, and they are not sufficiently ergonomic. On the contrary, ProGlove gloves are an ideal choice for warehouse applications, pallet loading and packing. They significantly improve the efficiency of the entire process as they allow warehouse workers to work faster and safer, simplifying the entire process. Work is facilitated by both acoustic signals and vibrations, without the need to look at a PDA or monitor.



MARK 2 glove

The MARK 2 glove is among the smallest and lightest wearable scanners on the market (weighing just 40 grams) and thus enables users to easily scan all types of codes. At the same time, it frees up your hands for work. Moreover, unlike standard PDA devices, it offers an extended scanning range of up to 150 cm. And handling? A worker can put the device on with a single movement, and to scan you simply press your thumb and forefinger together. There are models for right- and left-handed workers and you can choose from several sizes which comfortably fit both men and women.

The bar code scanners use either Bluetooth Low Energy or radio technology. Both versions ensure the quality and accuracy of data capture you need to track goods. Everything is tailored to the needs of your operation and its specific warehouse processes. We have thus expanded mySTOCK® WMS to use intelligent scanning gloves in addition to classic PDA terminals and modern voice control.


“The trend of automating warehouses and freeing up warehouse workers’ hands will be key for the future development of logistics. With their hands freed, warehouse workers focus only on handling the goods, which is what wins in the warehouse,” says Hana Prauzková, KVADOS business and marketing director.